Finding Customers – How to adjust with New Google Data Restrictions

Data Restrictions

In the past, Google was always providing all marketers a wealth of data, which helped both us and our customers succeed in a busy online marketplace, but this available data is less available.

In 2024, we will see continued restrictions on the browser and platform site. What this will mean for customers, especially those spending larger sums of money is it will make it difficult for businesses to use third party data and understand user behavior. We have been helping our clients through this transition by using additional data sets not traditionally available. To marketers. This could include using government accident data to let our legal customers know exactly where potential accidents have occurred and who was involved. This allows us to hyper target our digital marketing right down to the household.

To learn more about how we are using geospatial data to take our conversion rates up 4x please click here for a demo of using non-traditional data to 4 x your conversions without spending more money.