Our digital data analysis can determine just how advantageous a revamped social media marketing scheme can really be via user experience: how a user engages your site, what catches clicks, and how social media correlates to website traffic and profits.

User Engagement

Kirk Tech Solutions works diligently to examine critical data involving analytics and how your business interacts with customers online. Every business owner should aim to have an understanding if online users are finding your site. How effective is your site? Is it responsive to users? Are users finding your site to be modern and user-friendly? Kirk can help you find these answers and solutions to your user engagement issues. You should also have an understanding of what works best with your website. Which aspects of your site are working and which parts aren’t? User engagement tells us vital information about your website and social media scheme that can help build future relationships online and keep existing ones. Kirk can help build user engagement by looking beyond your website, paying close attention to social media hubs such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

It’s important for every business to understand what works and what does not work well with your company website or social media accounts. That is where Kirk can help. We’ll dive into the numbers and see what exactly keeps customers clicking on your sites and pinpoint methods that will only increase user engagement. Engagement is a personalized method that more and more businesses are using online, especially with social media. For instance, on Twitter, many popular commercial airlines are stepping up their social media engagement to turn bad situations with clients into good ones. When users Tweet to airlines with complaints, such as delayed flights, the airline’s marketing team is fast to respond to those tweets to work as much damage control as possible. The simple act of communicating directly with online users can be seen as the purest form of user engagement, and Kirk will do our part to ensure your social media accounts are as open to the users as possible.

These include tactics like interactive chat, branded 1-800 numbers, on-page "follow me" content and content that changes depending on user behavior. We’re looking for users to seamlessly maneuver around your site and social media accounts, and help build customer relations online.

Kirk will draft reports that relay the best plan of attack for keeping users on your site. We can tell if the latest trends are working or backfiring for your site. If your social media hubs are attracting more viewers than your own website, Kirk will ensure both your company website and social media accounts work smoothly with one another and allow customers to access both with ease. A website that sticks out more than social media hubs might not be as advantageous as imagined. Today, social media accounts are becoming metaphorical launching pads for users to find and jump to your company’s site. If you website is up-to-date and sleek, but your social media accounts are not receiving the same attention, you may find user engagement down. With a strong social media campaign, you will find your site growing in traffic. Kirk will help your business and website find these details beyond the numbers when we help build your site’s user engagement from the ground up, or from your social media accounts to your main site.

Many website owners are surprised to learn that pages they didn’t think were important are actually their top landing pages! That is exactly what Kirk can help you identify with our proven user engagement methods. We will find your strengths and weaknesses, and work towards building your business online with a strong presence. Let us help you take the speculation out of your content development – we’ll build pages and campaigns based on the facts.

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