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Social Media

Social media has engulfed countless businesses. It has transpired the way friends can interact across the internet while also impacting the way businesses can reach their consumers and watch sales soar. It is a vehicle that every business should utilize in the social media age.

Here at Kirk Tech Solutions, we specialize directly in social media marketing. We’ll help your business grow outside of a website. Every social media hub is vital in promoting your brand, business updates, news alerts, and countless other aspects of your company that needs to be shared with a board audience.

Social media also works advantageously for businesses through the internet’s version of word of mouth. Once a patron finds your business on one of many social media networks, their positive reviews can run ramped. Social media hubs such as Facebook are a great tool for boasting positive reviews. Additionally, when patrons search for your business on search engines, your social media hubs will have a high search ranking. Once customers find your social media profiles, positive reviews could be waiting for them to help keep existing patrons as well as establishing new patrons.

Over 81% of businesses are using social media for online marketing. Think about how much profit your business could be losing with a poor social media marketing scheme or simply not promoting online at all. Kirk will not only expand brand awareness, improve your business’s SEO, boast testimonials, and make your business more personal – but we’ll also help sell your business via social media advertisements. Our team will customize an approach to your specific business and work on drafting social media accounts that match your desired vision.

We start by developing a baseline social media report of your current social media efforts including:

If your business already has an established social media blueprint, Kirk can help build off what works well and implement new, fresh methods to your social media campaign to ultimately increase web traffic and increase sales.

At Kirk, we use data from your conversions and social media marketing success to drive what you should be Tweeting, blogging, and posting about. If you decide to use paid social media advertising, we can provide you with detailed progress reports.

We tie your social media strategy directly to your corporate and search strategies.

SEO is directly linked to social media marketing. Almost every major social media hub – between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. – all rank well in search engines. When you create a strong social media account with active posts and impressive features, your business will be quick to find with a simple Google search. You may also find patrons more willing to click on your social media account before examining your own website.

Throughout your company’s social media marketing endeavors, Kirk will be there to build a lasting social media presence, one that is destined to keep existing customers and open doors to new clientele.

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