Your inbound marketing strategy can be greatly impacted by Kirk Tech Solutions and its social media advertisement platform. Advertising on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., can allow you to place the most suitable and appealing content to reach your targeted audience.

Social Media Advertisement

Social media has provided business owners with an extraordinary opportunity to advertise. Marketing has adapted over the years to meet the needs of social media, and it’s paying off for many businesses across the country. Social media is the ideal marketing strategy for any industry that you’re in. Connecting and interacting with potential or existing clients is the key to success.

Kirk will work directly with your business’s social media accounts and provide updated analytic reports. Considering your company’s target market and goals, we will determine and implement the best social media strategy to help cultivate your brand and convert leads.

Our social media strategies are comprehensive; we analyze your competition’s use of social media, research and determine keywords and content that will drive business, and implement our plan by creating posts and content that extend a call to action to your followers.

Social media advertising can link directly to the growth of your business online. It is a medium to interact with and gain new customers. As a social media management company, we’ll show you how to establish prosperous relationships with your customers through online interaction.

We’ll personalize a social media advertisement scheme that matches your business’s needs after carefully studying your industry.

As a web development franchise, we understand that growing your business online through social media advertising is more than just calculating click-through rates; it is about which posts generate actual revenue. Take a look at our client testimonials and client case studies to see how we have enhanced revenue for small and large companies around the United States.

Each social media platform offers its own perks to advertising:

Facebook: With over one billion users, Facebook has the largest audience to target. Advertising on a platform like Facebook enhances your visibility, making Facebook an amazing choice for small and large businesses. Offering you the opportunity to create multiple advertisement variations and advertise based on your companies location, gender, likes/interests, relationship status, workplace, and education, Makes Facebook a great untapped resource for your company/industry.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn’s is made up of mainly business professionals. Advertising through a platform directed towards the business individuals makes it a high conversion platform. With the ability to target to specific groups such as their demographics, employee title and location, it is the perfect place to advertise your company.

Twitter: Similar to keyword targeting on Google AdWords, Twitter allows you to socially advertise to users based on their current interests, using hashtags or following users to extend your advertisements to more and more users.

Google+: Google+ now has SEO benefits. Activity occurring on your website is integrated into your search engine optimization. Users utilizing Google+ are typically more technologically advanced than users on other social media sites. You can reach your target audience by posting “Post ads” that appear on Google’s Display. What’s the best aspect of socially advertising on Google+ platforms? You won’t have to pay is you do not receive any traction! You pay based on how as many clicks you receive.

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