Kirk warns: stay away from Russian website design & development coders.

Portsmouth NH, November 14—Kirk Communications ( warns that a spate of its new clients have fallen victim to Russian hackers, incompetent website design & development codersand hacking app builders.

“It’s really sad to gain new clients due to their misfortune with an offshore website design & development company,” said Nate Tennant, President and co-founder of Kirk website design & development company. Russia is a hacker’s haven where coders can operate with impunity, he said.” Far too many are desperate for money and there is no opportunity for redress if they act unethically when building a website, an app or other code.”

“That’s not to say something is wrong with offshore coding as a business model,” Tennant explained. ‘We have an office in India with 25 fulltime people. Most have worked closely with us for years and they do very high quality work, he said.”

According to Tennant, the nature of the offshore relationship is what determines quality, speed and accuracy, he said. “ Organization and leadership count for a lot when it comes to quality and accepting responsibility. That is something that has to happen whether the work is done here or offshore,“ Tennant said.

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