A location-based SEO strategy is the new marketing standard.

Local SEO

Everyday more and more people, on mobile and desktop devices, seek local businesses, local services, local locations and local information. Location-based search engine optimization (SEO) can help you stand out above the completion, organically. At Kirk, we are dedicated to helping our local businesses gain traffic to their websites by using local ranking factors such as keywords, names, addresses phone numbers, social media platforms, and more to help you rise in search results.

Industry Facts:

What It Is:

Local SEO refers to the method of optimizing your online platforms to rank highly for location-based searches. A location-based or “local” search is an online query that generates results near the user’s location. The user can specify local searches, ex. “best coffee Portsmouth NH”, and often local results are automatically generated by search engines based on its knowledge of a user’s location. For example, if the user searches “best steak restaurant” Google will automatically generate results for the best steak restaurant nearby the user’s current location.

How We Do It:

There are countless techniques that can be implemented to boost your business’s local search ranking. One of the major aspects of local SEO is determining the keywords that customers use to search for your services online. These keywords are then used in your written content and coding. Along with keywords, your company’s profile will be claimed on Google and other directories like Yelp, LinkedIn, and Four Square. There’s also a vast technical side to proper local optimization involving the use of alt tags, meta descriptions, and links in your website’s coding.

How You Benefit:

Concentrating your SEO efforts locally has many advantages. Kirk is here to help by

When you partner with Kirk, you’ll experience the attentive customer service of a small business, meshed with the expertise of our international technical teams. Our processes and results are transparent and affordable. Learn more and see the incredible results.

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