Global SEO

As a global SEO company, Kirk will professionally and effectively create and manage your business’s global SEO strategies. We assist businesses in launching global digital strategies that drive web traffic and revenue – even within the first year of operations!

Global SEO

Whether you already have a global operation, or you have aspirations of getting there someday, our experienced team of developers, marketers, writers and strategists are ready to create a global search optimization strategy for you!

Global SEO involves targeting specific customers through the many different global search engines – not just google and bing!

Creating and providing the precise content that’s applicable to global markets, as well as using robust key word research, competitive analysis, and SEO copywriting to your targeted audiences are the keys to success. Kirk understands that detailed research, analysis and testing should be essential to every SEO project.

Global SEO requires an original and joint effort across keyword, competitive, global and local strategies. Global SEO efforts safeguard your organization so that consistency and brand identity is preserved across all of your foreign markets in order to spread SEO success.

SEO copywriting is particularly important when being used in different markets. Language and content is certainly not universal, therefore different messages and CTAs must be tailored for different cultures, social campaigns, and landing pages.

Ranking in another country takes an international team with a high level of diverse search expertise. As a global SEO company with offices across the USA, Luxembourg, and India, we provide global SEO services to clients around the world. This includes development of digital assets outside of the United States, global hosting, global URLs and global support 24/7/365. Our global offices give us the power to manage your website day and night so you never experience down time!

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