Our talented SEO content writing team will provide your company’s website and social media accounts with cohesive and strong content that will flow seamlessly between both aspects of your business’s online presence.

Content Development

Providing strong content across your website and social media is a fundamental process of generating a sound social media marketing scheme. Aside from writing detailed, refined content for your website, Kirk will also instill SEO copywriting for your site and with your social media accounts.

Below describes what Kirk’s SEO content writing professionals
can do for you:

Strong content can determine the difference between a well-organized website and one that fails to provide rich detail for viewers. Likewise, social media posts are a crucial tool in constantly providing customers with vital and relative information regarding your business. The goal of social media accounts is ultimately to attract consumers to your business. With professional and strong content for your social media accounts, users will be more inclined to read further into your website.

Effective content development and SEO content writing are created from background research of your company’s best business practices, your industry, competitors, and your services/products. Each landing page on your website has room for content to be added, which is professionally written with targeted keywords and is optimized to improve your search engine ranking. With no content on your website, there is nothing for search robots to scrape and to display back to a person using a search engine.

SEO content writing is an ongoing process for every website and involves SEO maintenance. Freshening up and updating your content is crucial for increasing your ranking on Google. Websites that go untouched are filled with outdated content that will begin to be pushed off the first page of any search engine website.

With over 12 billion Google searches a month, 91.5% of that traffic goes to the websites on the first page.

At Kirk, we can implement an ongoing SEO strategy that regular refreshes your website content. We do this by providing you with weekly or monthly press releases, blogs, social media posts and much more.

Content development and our SEO procedures go hand-in-hand in order to deliver the highest return on your investment. SEO content writing also involves putting unique and creative content on your website and throughout your digital marketing strategy. By having content that stands out, you will phase out your competition and move your website closer to the top spots on Google. The SEO content writing professionals at Kirk can create the most effective content development strategy for your needs.

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