Case Study: Distefano Hair Restoration Centers

DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers is a busy practice that operates in five offices throughout New England. They turned to Kirk Tech Solutions to boost their web traffic with qualified leads.

Distefano Hair Restoration Centers

Kirk took on the challenge by first, redesigning their entire website, writing all new search optimized content and making sure the backend was SEO friendly. Kirk also developed a plan for ongoing SEO to help drive DiStefano to the top of Google Search Engine Rankings. The plan includes writing a press release each month containing specific keywords that DiStefano wants to rank highly for. At the same time, Kirk writes tweets and Facebook postings for those same keywords as well as a weekly blog and a monthly newsletter.

"When we hired Kirk we had a good feeling about their website capabilities," said Steve Matteo, Marketing Director at DiStefano. "What has blown us away is their SEO capabilities. Our web traffic is up 38% just in the last year. That has converted into an extra eight clients each month," he said.

"So many companies that claim to do SEO, offer cookie cutter solutions that just don't seem to work," Steve said. "Kirk is highly strategic and tactical. They let us know what is going on and work so closely with us that they have become an integral part of our marketing efforts."

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