Kirk Communications Can Help Your Business Grow

Digital marketing is almost everywhere online. In order to truly modernize and expand your business, you need a company that is experienced and competent to accelerate your digital marketing campaign. At Kirk Communications, we can help your business grow while providing sound expertise in digitalizing, optimizing, and socializing your brand. Kirk Communications can help you… Read More

Big companies have big websites. As a website design & development company we know that’s just the way it is. Far too often, these big websites tend to grow like weeds with content popping up wherever it happens to land on the site. Add a little politics and everyone from every division within the company… Read More

“I can get a blog from (insert name of off-shore country here) for 10 bucks each.” It’s something we at Kirk website design & development hear clients say from time to time. We also get emails and calls from said offshore companies touting their abilities by saying something like, “We do have the most experience… Read More

It was August 6 when authorities announced that a Russian Cyber ring had pulled off the largest online theft of private Internet information in history. The giant web haul includes 1.7 billion user names and password combinations and more than half a billion email addresses. Some of you may wish to pause reading this blog… Read More

One website design & development company’s opinion. As a website design & development company with significant SEO experience we’re pretty biased on SEO DIY. Just a few short years ago, a website owner could make sure they had the right Meta tags, some anchor text and a few well-chosen keywords to get them on the… Read More

You can never be too rich or too thin said the Dutchess of Windsor. But, as a website design & development company, we do know that you can be over SEOd. Just ask Google. It was only a couple of years ago that Google started looking for “over SEOd” sites. That is, sites with keyword… Read More

Slick agency syndrome is a lot like Stockholm syndrome, wherein a business is held hostage by a slick website design & development company and eventually succumbs to and starts believing all the B.S. Eventually, the client breaks the spell, but not before the slick website design & development firm has wasted a lot of money… Read More

“Never do anything in your life that you wouldn’t want to see in the paper the next day.” This wise advice came from a wise journalist I knew many years ago. Of course, this same advice applies to the Internet, perhaps even more so. After all, after a bad story appears in the newspaper it… Read More

There’s a real conundrum for website design and development agencies and their clients. Clients (and presumably the users of their websites) absolutely love clean, simple, beautifully designed home pages. Unfortunately, Google hates them. Well, they don’t really hate them, per se, but they do ignore them, largely because there is no text. Google search algorithms… Read More