Use of Social Media in Business

The importance of social media in today’s business can link directly with the success of social media marketing. Today, social media is not a one-dimensional social networking tool to help friends interact with one another. Instead, social media has opened the doors in recent years for businesses to reach their target audience who may be… Read More

Nate Tennant

“A good social media team consists of writers, strategists and often a technical social media group.” An Interview with Nate Tennant, Founder, Kirk Communications What are you most excited about in social media space at the moment? One of the most exciting things happening in social media right now is the potential that Facebook will

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In the connected world we live in, information can be accessed easily and quickly from a multitude of mediums. Looking for local farmer’s markets? Open up Pinterest and within seconds you can find one near you. Remember that PC repair shop you wanted to check out? With a few clicks, you can explore their services directly from their Facebook page. Or maybe you’re looking for a new job

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With almost a billion unique users, there is no other platform that has more potential customers than Facebook. These users can be segmented by age, geography, interests, behaviors, education and partner categories. This means advertisers can slice and dice their target audience in a variety of ways.

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Twitter doesn’t like to think of itself as a social media company like Faceook or LinkedIn but instead perceives itself as an information provider. In reality, it spans both sectors but risks falling in between unless it continues to evolve its own niche, something it’s attempting to do with an impending series of major changes.… Read More

In this tough economy, the competition can be brutal.  How do  you continue to grow in a highly competitive marketH  We have found a number of tools that help us keep ahead of the competition. One of them is Lead Lander.  Lead Lander is essentially a reverse IP look up. It allows users to see… Read More

When I first logged onto Facebook, I was not a big fan. All those “Friends” from high school are not really friends but acquaintances. However, Facebook has a page rank of 10, and for that reason alone, Facebook matters. Just recently, Facebook  announced that the social networking site has passed 500 million users. Six years after Facebook launched,… Read More

There’s a vast and confusing array of social media services out there, from Twitter and Tumblr to Bebo and blogs. But there’s no point trying to focus on all of them, or your social media marketing won’t concentrate on anything. That’s where Kirk Communications can help with all your online communications. We follow the rise… Read More

Although Facebook started as a place for college students and younger, it has grown up a lot in the last few years and is now a network for everybody. In 2009 the fastest growing demographic on facebook was aged 55 and over, growing by 922%. The largest overall demographic was ages 35-54 which makes up… Read More

The introduction of Google’s New SearchWiki now allows you to customize your search by ranking content, anyone signed into a Google account automatically has use of this feature. What this all means is that Google now allows users to edit the results they see in a search engine results page by adding a star to… Read More

Did you know that YouTube is currently the 2nd largest search engine behind Google, with more than 3.5 billion queries a month. What that means is that there are more search queries on YouTube than on Yahoo! YouTube and other video sites can be a great vehicle to reach audiences who might not find you… Read More

It’s fair to say that facebook and social media in general have become a part of most people’s daily lives. The popularity of these social networking sites especially facebook is growing daily. With the number of users on facebook reaching over 400 million more than half of them use it on a daily basis. This… Read More

As companies continue to put more resources into developing social media, tracking all of those tweets, blog postings, videos and photos can be difficult. As a solution, we have been working on developing a number of social media news rooms. These “News rooms” give clients the ability to keep all of their social media in… Read More