Is the timing right to start an SEO franchise? There are thousands of sites out there proclaiming their expertise at SEO. When asked if they do SEO, almost every website design and development company quickly replies with something like, “Yeah…we’re experts at that.” Here’s the problem, and it’s one that an SEO franchise can solve:… Read More

You hired a low-cost SEO strategist or low-rent charge-by-the-keyword SEO consultancy because you had neither the time nor the inclination to figure out what search engine optimization is all about. Your NH SEO “expert” chose keywords and sprinkled them throughout your site. You also heard something mentioned about meta tags and back links. But as… Read More

SEO, or search engine optimization is a relatively new business, which means there are a lot of folks jumping into the game when they have no experience, or credentials to really offer a competent service. Add on to this fact that we still have record unemployment and you have a recipe for disaster. An SEO… Read More

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is easy right?  Sure, just change some meta data, sprinkle a few key words here and there and presto, instant results on page one of Google. Five years ago, you could get away with this type of effort and do well on any of the major search engines.  Given that… Read More

Having an SEO strategy is important, however, it’s equally as important to deploy the SEO strategy across your entire company. After all you always accomplish more if multiple people are working toward the same goal. Remember that educating people is important, the more people within your company that understand SEO, it’s benefits and your goals… Read More

SEO consultancy is a broad term that is thrown around by alot of people that are not qualied to be optimizing anything. In a world with 9, 15 and 20 % unemployment there are lots of people picking up books on SEO consulting and trying to pitch there services to those willing to listen. Unfortunately,… Read More

No surprise, Google is changing its algorithm again to give users better results. This is just another change that impacts SEO and is one of the reasons that it is important to hire a trusted partner in your search efforts. Even as an SEO Company with hundreds of clients, it is difficult to stay ahead… Read More

I often get asked if it is important to put your website in local languages and second what that does for optimization.  First lets tackle the question of internationalization of your site. Today, most marketing departments, even those with large multi-nationals are running with 1 and 2 people to handle everything, campaigns, branding, social media… Read More

Page Rank is a rank assigned to each and every web page by Google. This rank is based on several criteria and it is an important measure of a websites success. Page rank is an important metric. According to Google (from Wikipedia): “PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more… Read More

When talking with comapanies, I often hear that “Your competitors will guarantee 1# placement of my web site.” In many cases this is true. What companies will do is focus on hyper specific keywords such as “Medical Manufacturer in Plastow, New Hampshire”. By putting in hyper specific geographies into a search query, SEO companies have… Read More

Maximize Your Website Investment with an Evolving Keyword Strategy Are you getting the best return on your website investment? The answer is no if you’re not employing a keyword strategy that evolves as search engine search criteria evolve. For keyword research, many SEO agencies use both the Overture Keyword Selector Tool and Google Keyword Analysis.… Read More

Today we launched another website “Andover Corporation”. The site was designed by the in house staff and they did a phenomenal job in PHP. However, the website design was dated and required Kirk Communications to do a complete redesign. Working with their internal team, we came up with a new website design, and then after… Read More