Google Medic Update

Back in early August, Google released a new core algorithm update that is already impacting sites accessing the preeminent search engine. This is the company’s third update in 2018. The update, known as the “Google Medic Update,” is Google’s latest broad, global update. As alluded by the update’s nickname, the update mostly is impacting healthcare… Read More

Kirk Communications Can Help Your Business Grow

Digital marketing is almost everywhere online. In order to truly modernize and expand your business, you need a company that is experienced and competent to accelerate your digital marketing campaign. At Kirk Communications, we can help your business grow while providing sound expertise in digitalizing, optimizing, and socializing your brand. Kirk Communications can help you… Read More


Maddie Swymer reveals her comprehensive research on website-related issues that hinder your local SEO presence when you are trying hard to sell local. So, your website boasts beautiful visuals, a frequently updated blog, and social media integration… but you’re still not ranking locally on Google for your services. There might be a fault in your… Read More

Is the timing right to start an SEO franchise? There are thousands of sites out there proclaiming their expertise at SEO. When asked if they do SEO, almost every website design and development company quickly replies with something like, “Yeah…we’re experts at that.” Here’s the problem, and it’s one that an SEO franchise can solve:… Read More

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t get a call from a frantic customer that involves their website and loss of control of that site. It always amazes us at Kirk that companies entrust their customer face to an a person who has little vested interest in the success of the company. … Read More

As an NH SEO company, we often get asked what is the best way to optimize for the local level? First, companies know who their customers are. Where are they located? Are they primarily located in their state or are more located nationally? Who do they want to sell to now and in the future?… Read More

With continued economic uncertainty, we are still seeing alot of very unscrupulous people jumping into the “SEO Arena”. Every person who has lost a job seems to becoming SEO experts at the expense of clients. SEO, or Organic Search Engine Optimization is a skill that takes years to learn and do well and takes continued… Read More

I must say I’m pretty impressed by Google’s new Image Search. There are a number of new features that are pretty cool. Google Image search now features instant scrolling. What this means is that instead of looking at a static image and then clicking a link to get to a new page users can now… Read More

When I first logged onto Facebook, I was not a big fan. All those “Friends” from high school are not really friends but acquaintances. However, Facebook has a page rank of 10, and for that reason alone, Facebook matters. Just recently, Facebook  announced that the social networking site has passed 500 million users. Six years after Facebook launched,… Read More

Page Rank is a rank assigned to each and every web page by Google. This rank is based on several criteria and it is an important measure of a websites success. Page rank is an important metric. According to Google (from Wikipedia): “PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more… Read More

In Google, search the term “Oil Spill” and many other similar phrases and in the top PPC section you will find a link to a BP landing page titled Gulf Of Mexico Response. Where many companies use PPC search terms as a way to gain new clients and leads, BP is utilizing a PPC campaign… Read More

The introduction of Google’s New SearchWiki now allows you to customize your search by ranking content, anyone signed into a Google account automatically has use of this feature. What this all means is that Google now allows users to edit the results they see in a search engine results page by adding a star to… Read More