Nate Tennant

“A good social media team consists of writers, strategists and often a technical social media group.” An Interview with Nate Tennant, Founder, Kirk Communications What are you most excited about in social media space at the moment? One of the most exciting things happening in social media right now is the potential that Facebook will

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Years ago we had a lot of main stay PR clients.  At that time search didn’t exist and social media was just born.  We were spending a lot of time doing media pitches on relevant topics and stories.  It was time consuming and success was often hit or miss.  Advance forward 5 years and public… Read More

When I first logged onto Facebook, I was not a big fan. All those “Friends” from high school are not really friends but acquaintances. However, Facebook has a page rank of 10, and for that reason alone, Facebook matters. Just recently, Facebook  announced that the social networking site has passed 500 million users. Six years after Facebook launched,… Read More

Page Rank is a rank assigned to each and every web page by Google. This rank is based on several criteria and it is an important measure of a websites success. Page rank is an important metric. According to Google (from Wikipedia): “PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more… Read More

There’s a vast and confusing array of social media services out there, from Twitter and Tumblr to Bebo and blogs. But there’s no point trying to focus on all of them, or your social media marketing won’t concentrate on anything. That’s where Kirk Communications can help with all your online communications. We follow the rise… Read More

In Google, search the term “Oil Spill” and many other similar phrases and in the top PPC section you will find a link to a BP landing page titled Gulf Of Mexico Response. Where many companies use PPC search terms as a way to gain new clients and leads, BP is utilizing a PPC campaign… Read More

We have been working with a new company, Pipeline Wireless. They came to us from one of our trusted friends. They are a medium sized start-up focused on local wireless access. A few months ago, we started a full public relations program for them that includes writing press releases, searching out editorial opportunities and aggressively… Read More

“Google it” We have all heard the term, “Just Google it.” It is how most people research the things they need, whether it be vacation accommodations or a service for their business. And, it is those businesses and services that appear on the first page of our search that customers are most likely to investigate… Read More

Include Marketing in Your Strategic Plan For many New Hampshire companies, the third and fourth quarters of the fiscal year are often the busiest. This is also the time that many companies start to increase their marketing spend. For most, it represents a list of tasks; a tradeshow or seminar to attend, or a website… Read More