Since it’s launch in 2010, Pinterest has become an increasingly useful and relevant social media platform to grow your business online. It’s aesthetically pleasing interface and focus on visual content appeals to Internet users from diverse demographics. Pinterest currently boasts over 100 million active users and is valued at around $11 billion.The platform has proved… Read More

Kirk, a website design and development company with experience in mobile website development, global SEO services and online reputation management, understands the importance of safeguarding your domain and the required ongoing vigilance. When growing your business online, you don’t want to allow anyone to misrepresent a domain name associated with your business. Our web development… Read More

Get the scoop from your global SEO company Successful businesses analyze big data for insight that leads to improved decisions and strategic business moves. These businesses use available social media platforms, from websites to blogs, to reach their final end user – the consumer. Being “successful” online is more than just posting and sharing your… Read More

G Plus

Google Plus may seem like just another social media marketing tool that requires upkeep, similar to advertising on Facebook and Twitter, but it turns out that G+ is much more important than that. There’s a reason why it is the third most popular social network in the world! One of the secrets to growing your… Read More

SEO Company

As a business person, you strive to have your website, products and/or services recognized. What if there was a way to grow your business online by enhancing the amount of people who view your website, leading to more customers? Through comprehensive web design and development, your website can be tailored to get noticed online and… Read More

Online presence is an increasingly vital part of any business’s success. The foundation of that presence is your business’s website. This is where customers and prospective customers will go to learn more about you and decide if they’re interested in your services, thus making your web design and development processes extremely important. Here are five… Read More

“Content is king”…you’ve probably heard the phrase once or twice, muttered around board room meetings or marketing seminars, but have you ever stopped to actually think about it? Your SEO company is right when they tell you that your digital marketing efforts are going by the wayside if you’re not consistently adding fresh, new content… Read More

Social Media allows consumers to interact with one another and share information anytime and anywhere. It is engaging, instantaneous, and accessible. When growing your business online and using the right platforms that cater to your brand, you essentially have another effective marketing tool for your business. December marks the 13th anniversary of one of the… Read More

As we approach 2016, there are over 83.1 million millennials living in the United States – that’s over a quarter of the US population. The millennials even outnumber the baby boomer population (75.4 million). So what’s so different about these young adults and their internet habits? What does your SEO company or web design agency… Read More

If your digital assets aren’t mobile friendly or responsive, you’re missing out. Everyone knew the day would come, they just didn’t expect it to happen so fast. As of May 2015, Google announced that more Google searches take place on mobile devices, specifically smart phones, than on desktop or laptop computers in the United States… Read More

Google’s own webmaster trends analyst, John Mueller, gives us insight into the technical world of SEO analysis and search ranking algorithms. Google panda is a search filter that was first introduced in 2011. This update was meant to clean up Google’s top search results based on the quality of a web page’s SEO copy writing,… Read More

You’ve spent sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee, and probably more money than you have on building your business. Congratulations on finding the motivation to press on! In today’s technology dominated world, having an online presence is essential in order to grow your business further. But what if you built a website and nobody came?… Read More

With each New Year comes new website design and development trends. As an SEO franchise and web design agency, we ranked the top 5 website design trends of 2015. 1. Longer/Scrolling Layouts As mobile devices become a staple in our everyday lives, it’s becoming more common for websites to rely on scrolling layouts rather than… Read More